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A community-driven learning platform that will help you stay up-to-date with the latest on how to create, introduce, lead, and advocate for mindfulness programs in society.

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You want to be a trusted source of mindfulness and compassion for your people, but it's not easy to find up-to-date knowledge or a supportive community.

We know the feeling.

Countless studies, programs and practices are coming out every day. You want to have an impact, but it's difficult to know what new information is going to help you achieve your specific goals and influence skeptical decision-makers. Sometimes it feels like the people around you just don't understand the potential for mindfulness to transform our society. You're not alone.

For the past seven years we’ve hosted 6 international conferences, run over 300 workshops and worked with thousands of mindfulness champions and leaders. We know from experience that professionals around the world in every sector of society are facing these same challenges. We also know how these professionals overcome these obstacles:


The most successful mindful leaders, advocates, and facilitators rely on a network of peers and access to fresh insights and up-to-date credible practices to stay ahead in the field and create lasting change.

Featured Members

Members of the Institute are seasoned practitioners of mindfulness and compassion who have successfully enacted change in healthcare, social work, business, government, education, publishing, technology, and more.

Barry Boyce

Writer and Founding Editor of world-renowned mindfulness publications like Mindful magazine, The Mindfulness Revolution, and A Mindful Nation.

Valerie Brown JD, MA

Former lawyer-lobbyist turned transformational leadership coach, author, and retreat leader. An ordained teacher in Thich Nhat Hanh Plum Village tradition.

Dr. Patricia Rockman

Family physician, psychiatrist, and associate professor at the University of Toronto who co-founded the Centre for Mindfulness Studies.

Jay Vidyarthi, MSc

Attention activist and designer involved in creating mindful tech like Muse, Sonic Cradle, Healthy Minds Program, Brightmind, and 10+ more.

Each of these seasoned members maximize positive impact on themselves, their communities, organizations and the world by learning in the context of a supportive community.

This is an ever-changing field. Whether you are just starting or you’re a seasoned professional, access to reliable and consistent up-to-date resources is the key to creating lasting change and advancing mindfulness in our society.

This is why we created the Institute.

With access to world-class mentorship, a community of practice, and a compass to guide you through the massive collection of public knowledge, we can help you scale your impact safely and effectively.

Take the Next Step

There are many places where you can learn the basics of mindfulness. This is different. Take the next step into an interactive community that is continuously evolving and applying innovative ways to integrate these practices into society. We are bridge-builders who are creating long-lasting impact in a safe and effective way.

Join The Waitlist For Fall 2020

As a member, you will...

Find yourself in a supportive environment

Access mentorship and support with a community working together to create a mindful society. 

Gain confidence and credibility as a leader

Engage with global leaders who can help you take the safest, most effective and up-to-date approach.

Receive fresh insights and field leading resources

Advance your initiatives without spending hours combing over scientific papers and reports.

Socialize With an Inspiring Community

Even if you're the only mindfulness advocate in your community, you're not alone. Join our digital community and live-online social events to connect with like-minded people. Not only will you be able to share and exchange best practices, but you’ll start to feel like you’re part of a larger movement, because you are.

Join Live Learning Events With Thought Leaders

Learn how to apply mindfulness and compassion in different settings, making it accessible to people from all walks of life. Presentations, panels, ask-me-anythings, and guided practices from thought leaders will inspire you. There's no Mindfulness 101 here - this is all about being a better mindful leader, advocate, or facilitator in your community or organization.

Access Curated Monthly Themes and Credible Resources

Every month we address a major topic facing mindfulness practitioners with a collection of quality, evidence-based learning materials: Research summaries, contemplative frameworks, templates you can use, and inspiring videos. Previous themes include topics like "Safety", "Impact" and "Pedagogy".

Increase Your Impact. Be A Trusted Source For Mindfulness

Members of the Institute receive:

  • Regular live-online learning events with trusted global leaders
  • Ongoing release of learning materials including guides, audio and video files
  • Guided practices in both evidence-based and contemplative modalities
  • Monthly live-online social events including watch parties, discussions and mixers
  • 24 / 7 access to our supportive digital community and past event recordings

Next chance to sign up will be in Fall 2020

New members can register a few times a year. To find out the next time you can register sign up for the waitlist.

Join the Waitlist For Fall 2020 Registration

Wondering if you're a good fit? The Institute was specifically created for people who...

  • have some experience in mindfulness and compassion
  • teach (or aspire to teach) mindfulness practices and concepts to others
  • actively integrate new methods and knowledge into their approach
  • want to contribute to something bigger than themselves
  • aim to influence decision-makers to support mindfulness-based programs
  • see potential in mindful orgs, schools, hospitals, governments, families, and more
  • want to gain credibility, competence and reputation as a mindful leader
  • seek connection with a community of like-minded mindfulness advocates

Reach out if you have questions. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all events and activities will be online by necessity. As things progress, we are certainly considering hosting live, in-person events. In upcoming years, hopefully we'll all feel more comfortable with large mass gatherings. At that point, we'll consider bringing back our major annual event and loop it into The Institute.

In the fall, we'll be opening the gates to the public. Because we launch a series of events each month we have set times to register so that we can sufficiently support our members to access all our events and resources.

In our community, you’ll find school teachers beside parents, business leaders beside community leaders, scientists beside spiritual teachers of all traditions, indigenous healers beside medical doctors, and new practitioners beside residential monastics. We carefully curate insights and resources from diverse leading experts and organizations. We want to understand all different modalities relevant to bringing your practice out into the world. Members of our community come from all walks of life. Some purely secular, others more spiritual. We believe there are things to learn from all approaches as long as you use the best and leave the rest.

As a community-based organization, 100% of membership fees go directly back into the planning and execution of our online events, in-person workshops, producing member materials, and continuing to build the community.

A purpose-driven social initiative established to advance mindfulness and compassion in society.

Our goal is to equip and support individuals integrating mindfulness in work and life through education, application, experience, and community. Our first 7 years were dedicated to a groundbreaking annual conference called A Mindful Society. As COVID-19 transforms our world, we've put our efforts toward accelerating our pre-existing plans to launch this Institute.

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"To have us together feels very special. And to have various perspectives and lenses when it comes to mindfulness; the technical science lens, the embodiment, and the contemplative side."

Nova Browning Ruthorford
Mindfulness Facilitator

"I was fully welcomed, I've been invited to be actualized and I've most certainly been invited warmly to belong by bringing who I am right now fully."

Shoshana Helfenbaum PhD (c) MSW/RSW DGrt
Interprofessional Educator

"Incredible inspiration, I feel really strongly about this. I've learned alot here and I'm here now to move this learning into action."

Karen Mason BSN, MN, MACP, RCC
Registered Clinical Counsellor

"The simplicity, the openness, the dedication of each member are gold and truly appreciated"

Sonia Godin
Conference Attendee

"This is a group dedicated to spreading awareness, healing, and opening up the mind and heart to all possibilities. It's extremely informative, healing and you find so many opportunities to integrate the practices of all those involved into your daily life, to make it a better, healthier, more profound and enjoyable place."

Lon Harbor MFA

"Where visionaries, activists, researchers and artists meet with the intention of building a better society for all."

Michele Chaban MSW/RSW PhD
Founder of University of Toronto’s Mindfulness Certificate Programs

"A beacon of hope for a more conscious world."

Blake Poland PhD
Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

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